Friday, September 01, 2006

Can You Trust Those Instincts?

Yes! - and, er.. NO!

Stats are just against us on this one. Relationships fail way too often for us to be able to claim that instincts, feelings, "the stars" or any other thing that has been followed to date, can be relied on to guide us toward a successful relationship.

All the same, research like those reported in the following news item do make it clear that we do have good instincts. Its just that there are some very good (and easy to understand) reasons why they why those instincts lead us wrong.

Check it out:

Things you can tell in a heartbeat
August 31, 2006


We can absorb as many as 10,000 nonverbal cues in less than a minute and can form impressions in as little as one-fortieth of a second with an accuracy rate of 80%. Here are six things you really can tell in a heartbeat:

The nose knows

Pheromones, nature's sniffable love potion No. 9, provide us with important information about compatibility. Though aftershave or cologne can mask a man's pheromones, a recent study showed that people tend to pick perfumes similar to their body's natural odor. So if you like a man's cologne, it could be a sign that you're compatible -- at least biologically.....

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The real casualty, when so many relationships end in disaster, is women's confidence that relationships can work. More and more we accept that relationships are likely to end sooner rather than later. But the real problem is that we just don't have good guides to help us select the right guys in the first place. With good guides our success at getting great relationships can be total!

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