Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another Myth about Men is being Sold to a Gullible Public

Here it is again: "Men are not meant for marriage." In other versions its: men can't be faithful; or, men are meant to have lots of sex partners ... You know the debates. And it generates a lot of hype. People get all excited and angry or upset about it - which is understandable because there is a lot riding on this issue for just about everyone.

The problem is that none of it is all right. And equally, none of it is all wrong!! Because it turns out that some men are hard-wired for marriage, some of those men are hard-wired for monogamous marriage and some men (like our friend in the following news item) are hard-wired to avoid marriage ( although research suggests that most of these men are more likely to conceal this fact from women!)

And then there are a whole other group of men (quite a large group, I suspect) who are just plain poor mate-quality material (though few are as willing to admit it as Guy Blews does in the following interview) but still want all the good things that go with marriage - regular sex, for one thing!

Men Can Never Be Faithful
By AMANDA CABLE 00:06am 15th August 2006

"...he leant forward, took her hand and asked 'Do you ever want to get married and have children?' her heart must have been fluttering with anticipation.

She was brought down to earth with a crash.

'Because if you do, I'm not the man for you,' Blews added quickly. 'I don't want commitment, and I don't ever want to be a dad.'

He flashed a charming smile. 'I won't change, so it is up to you if we have a future.'

The young lady in question finished her dinner in haste, made her excuses and left.

.....Blews has written a fiercely provocative book in which he claims men don't make lifelong partners and are programmed to have affairs.

We need to be honest,' he says. 'Life changes and so do relationships. Couples should get together accepting that they will enjoy the moment, but knowing that their relationship is subject to change." .... more HERE

But Blews does have one thing right. We women do need to be honest and get up to scratch with finding out how we can tell the different mating styles for ourselves. Because the Blews approach (tell all women that "I will never change and that I will never settle down") is also used by some guys as a seduction strategy!

One thing is for sure - whether he is using a seduction strategy (and 'going public' is a sure sign, by the way that this is the truth behind his fiction!), or he really is the 'poor quality' mate he so honestly claims himslef to be, it is a woman's JOB to be able to recognise what mating strategy a guy is hard-wired to follow. And most of us don't have a clue!

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