Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Can We Learn From "Naturals"?

Naturals are those women who can attract men easily. Paris Hilton is a "natural". They naturally can do the flirty actions that gets and keeps a man's attention (and wishes!)

Over the last three years I have been finding out about how men in the seduction field think and act. And I found out that there is a lot that we can learn from them.

For example, several of the top PUA's in the USA got that way by studying "naturals". On one PUA forum a "natural" is defined by one well known PUA as:

"Natural" ... means the guy gained competence in the game through direct experiences, without actually "being taught" how to game. A natura still knows what he's doing at all times, and he may or may not depend on familiar material, but he sure as hell has a structure he understands and utilizes well. Most naturals have it all internalized, though, and not consciously thinking of every move."

None the wiser? To be honest, the discussion on this forum is often like this. It can be quite hard to follow. Guys talk about all this stuff in great depth and they practice A LOT!

Authors, David DeAngelo and Neil Straus - who have both written highly successful books for men on the subject of getting and keeping attraction - both deliberately set out to learn from "naturals". They found men who were highly successful with women and got to know them intimately. They also studied them in action, interviewed them or got coached by them.

Both succeeded in developing the skills of seduction and have since become wealthy on their knowledge - as well as highly successful with women. DeAngelo at one time had multiple long term relationships ( called MLTRs in "the seduction community" - ie long term relationships with several women at the same time) and Dr Strangelove (my "pet" term for Straus) was ranked No 1 PUA in the USA for 2005.

So can we learn from naturals?

Well, if a a short, skinny bald guy (Strangelove) can become successful by studying naturals.....

Then there is the proof and the answer.

We can watch what they (the women who are naturals) do and then try it out for ourselves. We can ask them what they do and see whether that works for us. We can do workshops and we can read books. And we can talk to other women who are keen to learn and share our experiences - the successes and failures.

But there is a catch!

Naturals don't always understand what they are doing. In fact, they rarely do! That's why its often the people who learn from them (Like deAngelo and Strangelove) who make all the money. Because they had to "interpret" and "apply" what the naturals were doing. And then they were in posession of some pretty special knowledge!!

No wonder they got rich!

There is another catch.

Once you get guys seeking you out, you have to be able to tell which are the good guys and which are the wrong guys!

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