Monday, August 28, 2006

Good Looking, Charming, Rich and Famous. Isn't That Enough?

Is he Dumb - as many people are suggesting? Does he have problems - also being suggested? Is Matt LeBlanc simply a guy that can't be trusted (as a husband)? Or does his good looks, charm and fame make him a good catch regardless? Well - apparently not! Consider the following news items:-

Matt LeBlanc's Unfriendly Defamation Suit
by Gina Serpe
Aug 28, 2006, 9:05 AM PT

Matt LeBlanc's tabloid tell-all may have told more than it should have.

The former Friends star has been sued for defamation by a stripper who claims LeBlanc made false statements about her sexual aggression and the duo's level of intimacy in a National Enquirer story published in August 2005.

In January of this year, just four months after the story hit the newsstands, the star separated from his wife of nearly three years, Melissa McKnight. The duo, who have one child together, filed for divorce in March. More HERE

In another media response, The Daly Blabber comments:

You can't be in a good place if you're getting sued by a stripper.

This year Matt LeBlanc has lost a wife and a TV show. Now, he's being sued by an exotic dancer, who took exception to an interview he gave about her last year in which he called her "sexually aggressive."

Yes, I'm serious.....

Matt doesn't have to worry about ticking off his wife anymore – they split earlier this year. He is currently dating his former Joey costar, Andrea Anders, who he hooked up with before his split was announced. They were recently seen running together LA's Runyon Canyon.

Wonder if this is going to also work against him in his divorce from his wife, Melissa. Word has it, the divorce has not been finalized. This may cost him a couple more mil! .... more HERE

Would You Date Matt LeBlanc?

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