Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Flirting With Success

I've just finished putting together a "how to" on flirting (for women - sorry guys). Because it is fresh in my mind - and anyway a subject I am very interested in - I decided to do a blog about it. So I went looking for some interesting stuff on the internet.

Well, I am sorry to say, there is an awful lot of trash out there on this subject. Consider the following advice I found on one site (better than most):

"Flirting Tips for Women :

Men are notoriously bad at interpreting signals from women. Know what you want when you flirt and make sure your signals are clear and that they convey what you mean. It’s not fair to flirt with someone for the fun of it – unless they are obviously flirty themselves. Flirting for fun is fine when you know someone a little better. If you genuinely want to meet people then by all means flirt, just make sure you know how to separate the sexual flirting signals from the 'hi, I'm friendly' flirting signals......"

This is just so full of BS. What else can you call it?

Number 1: "Men are bad at.... " Research just does not back this bald statement up. In fact the research I have been using for my project (by a somewhat famous lady who has been studying flirting for over twenty years now) reveals that when women use the right flirt actions men will respond (approach) within 15 seconds!

Number 2: "Its not fair to flirt with someone for fun."

Is she kidding?

There are so many good reasons for flirting it is just plain rediculous to make this statement. It is just plain irrelevant, anyway. Most of the flirt actions women use to get men interested they don't even know they are using! So how can that be unfair? Better to know what you are doing, I say, then you can get even better at it. Want to know how? Read more HERE.

Remember the hair toss-trick Cameron Diaz used in Charlie's Angels? The above pic shows this one simple flirt trick in action. One study I read showed that men will respond to this 100% of the time and within 15 seconds!

If you want to know other flirt tricks that get this kind of attention, then look out for future blogs.

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