Tuesday, August 29, 2006

If You Keep On Doing The Same Thing Don't Be Surprised When You Get The Same Results.

Here is the thing. When you read the results from Glamour's "faithfulness survey" you will see answers that are comfortingly familiar. We've heard the same things before. We feel we understand - even if we don't like. The numbers may vary, but the basic story has a familiar ring.

But as you read through the results consider this: if the explanations given here are so right, then how come we all get it so wrong? If these are genuine insights into why men cheat, then how come its still going on?

The fact is that there is some pretty important information that's left out. And its left out because the people who interpret the surveys just don't have a clue.

Check this article out and see whther there is anything there that gives you any information that would work to help you to avoid being cheated on!

The faithfulness survey

GLAMOUR asked more than 100 men if they had ever been tempted to stray, and a whopping 91 percent said yes; 51 percent of those guys went on to cheat.

Why did they do it?

Twenty-seven percent said she was irresistibly attractive.

  • Seventeen percent said "I was flattered that she found me attractive."
  • Twenty-eight percent gave their own reason,ranging from "She cheated on me, so it seemed fair," to "I was drunk at the time," and "I was about to end my relationship, so it wasn’t really cheating, I figured."
  • Fifteen percent were unhappy in their relationship.
  • Thirteen percent did it because they knew they could get away with it

    Why did the other 49 percent stay faithful?
  • Thirty-three percent said "I truly love my partner and I made a commitment."
  • Eighteen percent said they couldn’t live with the guilt.
  • Fourteen percent felt flirting itself was exciting enough.
  • Twelve percent were afraid of getting caught.
  • Twenty-three percent gave other reasons: "Sex is sex. If you have a good sexual partner, you don’t need it elsewhere," said one. Another said, "It's not worth the hurt it would cause. How good could the sex be?" .... more HERE

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