Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Do you love him? No - you only want him for his "genes"!

Is it the 'stars', is it 'chemistry' or is it after all, just plain animal attracton?

What causes physical attraction?
Fertility perceptions, facial symmetry may play roles in mate selection
Helina Meri, Cavalier Daily Staff Writer

What is it that attracts people to each other? For centuries, it has been food for thought for writers, singers and poets. In more recent years, the answer increasingly has become fodder for another field: science.

The theory of evolution says our bodies have evolved to maximize our ability to survive and procreate. Though our brains afford us much free will concerning the way we behave, evolutionary psychology suggests that certain behavioral tendencies - such as attraction - are hardwired.

For example, qualities that indicate fertility in the opposite sex may translate into attractiveness.

"We are not consciously picking fertile people," he said. "We are consciously picking people who we think are attractive. The question then is why do we find them attractive?" .... read more HERE

This article goes on to discuss the role of face shape in attraction. But the whole matter of attraction does not stop there.

Did you know that females can tell an attractive guy by smell? Or - put another way - when the sweat of guys that have been rated as attractive are given to other women to rate according to whether they like the smell or not, it turns out that the "attractive guys" are also the ones that smell good!!

But here's the rub! This is only the case when we are fertile! They smell great when we are fertile and only then. The rest of the time we prefer the smell of the less attractive guys. And to complicate things even more - women who are on the pill have a completely different response to those women who are not on the pill.

So... can we leave it up to nature?

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