Sunday, August 06, 2006

Celebrity Boyfriend Stealers

Boyfriend stealers - is this a problem that many women face?

According to one research study - yes!

In that study (of university students) about 60% of males and 30% of females try to "steal" someone elses girlfriend or boyfriend and succeed 30% of the time!

Nicole Richie Is A Boyfriend Stealer!


This catchy headline did not get it right - but... notice how the attention was on the 'boyfriend stealer' rather than the possible 'cheat'?

Julia Roberts was a much publicised boyfriend (well husband!) stealer when she took up with Danny Moder.

And his wife, Vera was not forgiving about it and angrily made it clear:

“But I am past being upset. Danny broke my heart in two. OK, I don’t blame him — I blame Julia. She ensnared him from the start. She stole my man and she couldn’t give a ****.”


"I will never be able to forgive Julia, she's a husband stealer."

Boyfriend stealers do get people very upset. Check out the following Q & A chat that I came accross whilst surfing the net!

Choose my friend, or choose my friend's boyfriend? What do I do?

"I have a problem.I love my friend's boyfriend and I think he love me too but my friend don't know about my relation.Both of them are very good to me.I am confused that I should choose my friend or him.What should I do?..."

One Reply:

"You really need to question who is more important to you. Your friend, or her boyfriend? How would you feel if your friend wanted your boyfriend? In the end, it's up to you. No one likes boyfriend stealers///"

Other replies were:

"...Friends do not do that to friends. If you are prepared to date your friend's boyfriend then be prepared to lose a good friend. But be aware..this guy can't be trusted...."

"...You are not a good friend either. You cannot be trusted not to be selfish. You scheme behind their back...."

This is an emotional issue - and for good reason. But it IS possible to avoid ever having to worry about boyfriend (or girlfriend) stealers. For women, its mainly a case of knowing which guys are the faithful kind (you know the drill - better read the book!).

For guys its a bit more involved. But knowing how to "mate guard" is part of it.(Also in the book, need I say!). This is a whole area of mating that is rarely talked about (though Tyler Durden - a top PUA - is developing some material on this) Will maybe do a post about TD at a later date.
In fact - the guy is fascination so - that's a promise! (PS The term PUA is explained in the post on Aug 22.)

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