Saturday, August 12, 2006

Are You Hot or Not?

It really does not matter how attractive you are – if you have the wrong pose, then guys will be scared off! I have watched guys react with “argh” when presented with a photo like the following:-

But with “ooh” when
presented with:-

Same woman, different pose!

Having viewed thousands of photos from “hot or not” to find out which ones get rated as an 8 or more, we discovered that there are ten “must do’s” that will guarantee a top- hottie rating - EVEN if the gal is an older woman, EVEN if she is not that attractive and EVEN if the gal is a MAN – well, transvestite (as one 9.6 rated photo was!)

One of these “Must do’s” is to NEVER do a close-up, full-front face shot. (ie, hold- camera-out-front-and-click!)

Paris Hilton has these poses off to a fine art (though, unless you know what she is doing, you may well fluff it if you try to copy her.)

More Paris poses HERE

What really surprised me when doing this research was how many women submitted a photo that they had not prepared for. The “love me as I am” approach.

Maybe this comes from the real confusion there is about who does the selecting. Because with all the attention that women pay to their appearance, and all the fuss guys make over an attractive woman, it sure does LOOK as if its guys that do the choosing.

But that’s not it at all. Looking good stimulates men to start their “display” so that they will GET selected!

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