Thursday, August 03, 2006

Why Are Men Such Dogs? Or - An Introduction to the Art Of Mating?

Aug. 3, 2006. 01:00 AM

Type the subject, "dogs that attract women" into an Internet search engine and the result is an astonishing array of information about females and pheromones. The hits range from scholarly to pornographic with the most common thread being some variation of: Why Do Some Women Keep Attracting Men Who are Dogs?

Switch sexes and the pheromones come out in full force again, as well as articles with titles along the lines of: Why Are Men Such Dogs?

Cute factor wins. Topping the date magnet meter is Sassy, a Bichon Frise who can melt hearts with ease.
But for anyone genuinely interested in the utility of the canine as a dating tool or a four-legged icebreaker — there's an absolute dearth of material. I hereby volunteer to fill the dating-with-dogs void. My qualifications are impeccable: dog owner\trainer\clipper\anal gland squeezer\sometime breeder, dog sitter\walker-at-large and twice married (both times to dog lovers).

As the Star's relationship challenge has shown over the past months, expertise of any sort can be a sexy thing, especially if it is an area that is culturally au courant such as food, wine or theatah. But most of us aren't experts in anything particularly interesting. We're just everyday drones who may know a thing or two about postal rates, T-shirt folding techniques, actuarial tables or gum disease.

This is where dogs come in! With a pooch in tow you needn't worry about the brilliance of your particular area of know-how. The dog, if it's the right one, does the ground breaking, offering up plenty of conversational gambits and making you seem interesting by association.

Of course, no one would be so wanting of humanity as to acquire a dog solely for the purpose of attracting a date. Then again ... more HERE
Interesting that this article appeared in a newspaper in Toronto - the home of Mystery (who you will find out more about in later blogs) who perhaps can be blamed for such topics appearing in an ordinary newspaper! Pheromones, attraction, dogs and women seeking to find guys to date? Its all there.

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