Friday, December 08, 2006

How To Get a Guy To Notice You - Its Easy When You Know How!

Francisco Bujan features in the first video. He is a life-coach who specializes "in getting people from where they are to where they want to be". Now, before you rushing off to view any of his other videos, just remember two very very important things:-
1) He is a guy.
2) He is promoting the old - and, if you have read "How To Tell Which Guys Maker Great Mates" you will know - the thoroughly trashed view, that women have to get men to choose them! (He is seeking to sell his services after all - and to show that you need his help. How better to ensure this than to give misinformation and get you headed in the wrong direction so you are lost AND confused!)

Having said that, he does make some value points:
1) Guys are attracted by sex
2) But, creating attraction takes more than just looks. A coming Selection Secrets e-tip covers this in detail when it presents the results of an interview with a PUA and how he can tell if a gal is a hottie - blindfolded!! (You can join the list HERE)

The second video is included because it's a great demo of just what Fransisco is talking about. This gal knows how to flirt! Can you see how she radiates coyness and suggestiveness all at once? Killer stuff, when you know how to pull it off. (Check out these free bonuses that show just how to do this)

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