Saturday, September 30, 2006

Would You prefer The €20 or €50 Rejection?

Does it show that a guy has not got the balls it takes to make a relationship work if he pays someone else to break up with a gal? Well, Bernd Dressler is making plenty of money doing just that .. as the following article shows-

Romance ends when the Terminator Comes Calling

Tony Paterson in Berlin
September 30, 2006

FROM seemingly solid marriages through to quick flings and illicit affairs, a phone call or a knock on the door from Bernd Dressler is guaranteed to kill the romance stone dead.

Silhouette of divorced couple
Three reasons to end the relationship are passed to partners
Hence the growing number of clients for his new "separation agency", which informs unsuspecting spouses and lovers that their partners no longer want them. For those too scared to break the bad news themselves, the 52-year-old former insurance salesman will deliver the bullet with Teutonic efficiency, charging €20 ($34) to do it by phone and from €50 for a "personalised" home visit.

"I am just the messenger," said Mr Dressler, whose Berlin-based business has earned him the nickname the Terminator.

Beginning with a "let's stay friends" arrangement, involving a "sensitive phone call", Mr Dressler offers four different termination packages.

At the deluxe end of the scale he will administer a "personal termination call" which includes a detailed explanation as to why his client has decided to end the relationship. The follow-up service also includes collecting a client's belongings from a former lover's home..... read more HERE

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