Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How Attractive do You think you are?

There is some great info to be found in research papers. The trouble is - it can be really hard to read and - as in the case of the research that I got this info from - very long.

All the same, sometimes they have really helpful information. In this case the study found that its not how attractive we are that matters - its how attractive we think we are!

(or pdf, p36)
Margaret J. Head, Florida State University, 2006

"...The higher an individual’s self-reported self-esteem, the higher the self-assessed communication competency. A similar link was found between attractiveness and communication competency, .....

Individuals with high ratings of attractiveness believed themselves to possess a higher degree of communication competency. The data analysis also revealed a stronglink between self-esteem and attractiveness ratings. As expected, individuals with higher self reported self-esteem believe themselves to be more attractive than individuals with low self reported self-esteem.

The results seem to support this expectation, as almost all individuals with high ratings of self-reported self-esteem believed themselves to be good communicators. In turn, individuals with low self-reported self-esteem believed themselves to be less effective communicators than individuals with high self-reported self-esteem.

The message "show me why I should choose you" is just one of many we need to get right. It looks as if low self esteem may make it difficult for women to be good selectors!

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