Thursday, September 21, 2006

Can You Be Deceived?

Found this question on Yahoo Answers - posted a week ago. There were some interesting/fun answers. But not much that was helpful!

okay.. ... Any imput on how to tell if a guy is lying to you?

Girls..any advice on that?

Guys...any "secrets" you have about lying to your girls? cummon..please share!!!!!

The first suggestion was:

"If their lips are moving, they are lying." !!!

Obviously this question is part of the bigger question: How to tell which guys make great mates! So lets look at this a bit more seriously!!

Samples of faces and hands used for segmentationImage from "The future is in computer lie detectors"

Do you think you can tell? Well, you can now test your skill HERE.

Some of the people who did this test thought their results showed that they are poor judges of character.

Nettie, from Perth Australia, put it this way: "I was looking at eyes and I only got 5/10 but that doesn't suprise me because I am a shocking judge of character. My first impressions are almost always wrong and I get taken advantage of a lot. I think it's because I don't want people to think I'm a bitch so I'm nice to everyone. Hmmm, maybe time to change my tactics. This site has taught me a lot...."

On the other hand, Neil from Kentuky said: " I'm a notoriously bad judge of character, especially when it comes to the opposite sex, yet I scored 9/10 ..."

What do YOU Think?

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