Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How Seriously Should We Take Heartbreak?

Your world has just come crashing down and you just can't face the demands of work - or anything else - for a while. How great would it be if you could just phone in and say I need to take a "heartbreak day" and that was accepted as a normal and perfectly acceptable thing to do? Well an inovative lady in Japan has done just that .. check it out -

The Japanese Times, Sunday, Sept. 17, 2006

Heartbreak heaven for staff By Yoko Hani

News photo
Miki Hiradate in the Tokyo salon of her market-research firm Hime & Company, whose all-female staff she treats in considerate ways that most women workers in Japan could only dream of. YOSHIAKI MIURA PHOTO

".....Unless you are extremely lucky," says Hiradate, the firm's 37-year-old founder and president, "you will definitely have the experience in your 20s and 30s of being brokenhearted after someone leaves you.

"So, shitsuren kyuka is a [paid] holiday you take when that happens and you feel too devastated to come to the office. I introduced it after I asked young women what they wanted from 'female-friendly companies,' and they suggested these holidays."

"Some people may just call their office and say they're taking a day off because they don't feel well, but in my company the employees can openly say they are taking a shitsuren kyuka. They are not asked anything more.

"You know, when you are brokenhearted, you feel terrible and have red eyes and the condition affects your work performance. I recommend them to come to the office after taking some rest. That's good for the company, too," Hiradate says in an upbeat tone.

As for how much rest a lovelorn lady might be allowed, Hiradate believes that the damage done by breaking up gets more serious the older you become. Consequently, her company grants one day a year off to staff in their early 20s, two days off to those in their late 20s and three days off to thirty somethings. .... more HERE

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