Monday, September 04, 2006

How To Tell Which Guys Make Great Mates

Now lets be clear what this means. I am not talking about which guys might be great to have an affair with, or might be great to have a quick one night you-know-what with. I am talking about the guys that will actually deliver what is needed for a long term relationship. A guy you can add to your family or - if that sucks - make a whole new workable family unit with.

A lot of women think that you pick these guys out by relying on "chemistry". But, as you have seen in this blog already, there are problems with that. Not least of which is that there are guys like the following - who know all about "chemistry" and how to manipulate it to his advantage.

Style - After (left) and Before (right)

Generating attraction is not just about looks - but it is clear from heaps of research that some things about how a guy look matter a lot. A weak chin is not attractive and whilst baldness may not be on every woman's must-have's, research also shows a clear link between baldness and aggression. So if you are short and puny, and thinning on top - baldness is a good choice. And that is what Mystery - a famous Canadian PUA - recommended that the guy in this picture (Style) do.

Makes a difference, doesn't it?

Now don't get me wrong. I am all for guys improving their game. Any guy that can go from wimp to "oh man" is demonstrating some worthy skills. But this guy is a great example because there are clear clues in everything he does that his mating strategy is not going to be what most women are seeking.

He has charm a-plenty. But that is not the same as having what it takes to make a great mate! Steve Irwin he's not!

In a later post will be a video of Style so you can see him in action. Even in this video - if you know what to look for - you can spot his mating strategy (its not what he says it is!). But you will also see his charm and why he has been so successful with women (he was voted the number 1 PUA in the Thundercat's Top Ten PUA's list for 2005).

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